Why Exact Sciences?




Our first mission guided our development and the commercialization of Cologuard. It continuously inspires us to make a difference.

“To partner with patients, healthcare providers, payers and advocacy groups to help eradicate colon cancer.”


Our vision speaks to the future, as we build upon the success of Cologuard, develop new products and make Exact Sciences synonymous with the early detection of cancer.

“Exact Sciences is committed to helping win the war on cancer through early detection.”

Exact Sciences' mission and vision stand at the heart of everything we do.
Each statement informs our long-term decisions and daily responsibilities, fostering our unique culture.

Our Five Core Values


Always doing the right thing.

“In the Contact Center, we see integrity every day. We see patient information, billing information, and provider information. Integrity is making sure we’re doing our best to protect all of that and be HIPAA compliant.”
HeatherLab Training


Being open to ideas so that we may continuously create or improve processes, products or methods.


“You can see innovation every day in the lab. The people you work with are all very curious, and motivated to be better scientists—and this combination gets us better results day after day.”

AliciaResearch & Development


Being willing to engage across functions and roles within the organization to advance our mission.


“Teamwork is imperative in order to get anything done at a large scale. With what we are doing here at Exact Sciences, there’s a lot of moving parts and so much is going on that no one can do it by themselves. It’s a team effort.”

JeffBusiness Development


Accepting responsibility to put in your best efforts.


“Accountability is important here at Exact Sciences because we are a public company, we’re accountable to other employees, shareholders, the management team and the public in general.”



Delivering our best: accurate and dependable results.

“Quality means to me striving to do our best, to have accurate and dependable results at all times. If we want to be top of the line, we need to be the best.”


At Exact Sciences, we celebrate our team members. Our teams play an imperative role in accomplishing our goals, mission and vision so we make recognition of a job well done visible and valued. From leadership recognizing our teams to individuals giving each other an in-person or digital high-five, recognition is a big part of the Exact Sciences culture. These include shout-outs on our company intranet and a rewards program, where team members can award their peers points toward items such as gift cards when they go above and beyond.



Each year, Exact Sciences awards employees who demonstrate outstanding leadership, teamwork and innovation. The winners of these awards are nominated by their colleagues and peers across the company for their dedication to the Exact Sciences mission and helping the company achieve our ambitious goals. Winners are announced annually at our company holiday party and earn their place in Exact Sciences history.


“In my 22+ year career I’ve worked for a number of companies, and what really stands out is our excellent executive leadership. It is hands-down the best I have experienced and trickles down through all levels of our company. Our leaders are not only extremely experienced and knowledgeable, but they’re passionate about our mission, enthusiastic, approachable, and really do care about their employees. It shows in the genuine, heart-felt updates we get from Kevin and how Graham leads R&D.”

TimResearch & Development
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